Real Estate

Take your property plans to Republic Bank – and we have the financial solutions to build the foundation for a successful real estate development.

With a presence in more than 50 countries – and a recognised record in real estate finance for specialised real estate advice and financing. We offer the full range of financial products and services to meet your real property development or ownership requirements.

Why partner with us?

  • Expertise. Connect with proper industry specialists who have the real estate expertise you need.
  • A full range of services. Gain access to our extensive suite of services designed for different asset classes in the real estate sector, including:
    • Construction financing and long-term financing for income-producing properties such as office, retail and residential
    • Residential development for either single or multi-family property classes
    • Financing the acquisition of all classes of real estate

Our innovative and integrated financial solutions for the real estate industry include:


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