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    Republic Bank Launches its 2024 Edition of ‘Five for Fun’

    Castries, Saint Lucia, March 13, 2024 – On Thursday, March 7, 2024, Republic Bank (EC) Limited (RBEC) launched the 2024 edition of its ‘Five for Fun’ Youth Cricket initiative at Republic Bank’s Castries Branch.

    Republic Bank Launches Third Year of Its ‘Five for Fun’ Youth Cricket Initiative

    Castries, Saint Lucia, Wednesday, May 31, 2023- On Thursday May 18, 2023, Republic Bank (EC) Limited, officially launched the 3rd ‘Five for Fun’ Youth Cricket initiative at Republic Bank’s Castries Branch.

    Republic Bank Unveils The East Caribbean PMAD Partners For 2023

    Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis, January 26th, 2023 – Under the theme "Enabling Sustainable Futures- Be The One To Make The Change", Republic Bank on Wednesday January 25th unveiled its 2023 Power To Make A Difference(PMAD) partners…

    Republic Bank (EC) Limited Welcomes The Power To Make A Difference In The East Caribbean

    Castries, St. Lucia, 5 August 2022–On 5 August 2022, Republic Bank (EC) Limited launched its Power to Make a Difference Programme (PMAD) in the Eastern Caribbean. The event which took place at The Harbor Club and streamed live across all territories via Facebook was…

  • Programme Background

    Born out of the Make a Difference Fund, in 2003, the Power to Make A Difference programme took its first steps toward becoming the next rewarding chapter in an ongoing history of collaboration with advocacy groups in the pursuit of building successful and sustainable societies.

    Since the programme’s inception, we have had the opportunity to form powerful connections; working together to help enhance the quality of lives of persons with disabilities, supporting healthcare programmes, providing opportunities for young people to realize their realest potential through sport, education, literacy, culture and the arts, and raising the bar for community investment through a wide-reaching, comprehensive staff volunteerism programme.

    Throughout our journey we have celebrated several milestones and achievements and we’re grateful for being part of a remarkable journey of sacrifice, accomplishment, and discovery. We are continually inspired by the alliances made, fully aware that behind the narrative and the stories of successful partnerships, are the lives of the people who we are able to help.

    As we look back, we look ahead; humbled by the successes, and encouraged by the opportunity to do even more as we enter the Eastern Caribbean territories and St. Maarten. In so doing, we aim to stay true to that simple oath made several years ago; the oath that beats at the heart of the Power to Make A Difference programme.

    Catch up on what we’ve been doing in some of our subsidiaries by clicking here: Power to Make A Difference Magazine.

    To view our launch video click here: Power to Make A Difference Launch

    “To be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.”

  • Programme Criteria

    All Power to Make A Difference applicants must be registered with the local Board of Inland Revenue. They must be well managed and accountable to donors for funds received. Beneficiaries who receive funds from the Power to Make a Difference programme will have to account for the use of funds through submitted periodic expenditure reports. Funds must be used only for the purpose requested and must not be applied to other purposes without the bank’s written permission.

  • Application Process

    Kindly note that applications for the Power to Make A Difference programme for the fiscal year 2023/2024 are now closed. Announcement of the successful partners will be made in the coming weeks.

    Please ensure that you have the following supporting documents before completing the application form:

    General Information:

    • Articles of Incorporation where applicable
    • Constitution (where applicable)
    • By-Laws where applicable)
    • Certificate of registration as a tax-exempt charity
    • Most recent audited financial statement (within two years of current year)
    • List of Board of Directors/Executive members and clear copies of a valid form of Identification (Passport, National ID (Back and Front), or Driver’s License). Please submit all IDs in one pdf document.
    • Supporting documents for the programme/project, with quotations from relevant suppliers etc


    For Vehicle Requests:

    • 3 quotations from 3 different dealerships
    • Insurance, maintenance, and any salary for drivers must be paid for by the organization
    • Copies of relevant permits


    For Construction Requests:

    • Approved drawings must be submitted - Complete set of Drawings (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical) prepared by registered professionals. If they are prepared by registered professionals, the designs are supposed to be to the relevant International Building Standards for the respective disciplines and the likelihood of design errors will be minimized. The Bank will not invest in a structure that may subsequently show signs of distress due to poor design practices.
    • Quotations from contractors and estimates from Quantity Surveyors - These documents will confirm pricing consistencies and can be used as a yardstick to facilitate omissions and additions should this become necessary.
    • Deed & Cadastral sheet providing proof of ownership.
    • Planning Approval - This approval states as a prerequisite approval by DOWASCO and DOMLEC
    • Environment Health Approval
    • Recent Receipts from relevant utilities (where applicable)
    • Environmental Health Department Approval (as applicable).
    • Arrangements for Construction Administration - Even the best plans can produce an unsatisfactory result if not properly administered; therefore, it is imperative that competent construction administration is considered.


    All proposals must contain clearly outlined comprehensive proposals/plans and be accompanied by the relevant quotations. In making decisions regarding contributions to our partnerships with charitable organizations, we reserve the right to request a visit to the institution to ensure the relevance of the project to the programme's focus and the organization’s eligibility for funding.

    Submission Rules:
    1. One person must be designated for the submission of supporting documents.
    2. All Files must be named in the following format: Contents of document_organisation name. e.g Director IDs_Republic Bank EC Ltd
    3. All supporting document submissions must be limited to 3 emails MAX
    4. Maximum File Size: 3MB
    5. Compiled documents will also be accepted.
    6. Please indicate what supporting documents are being submitted in your email.

    Please note that all supporting documents or queries must be sent via email to rbecpmad@rfhl.com.


    Power to Make A Difference applicants must use the following form (available here: https://www.republicbankdominica.com/form/power-to-make-a-difference).




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