Republic Bank Credit Card FAQs

  • Will my credit card account number change?
    Credit card numbers will remain the same until advised otherwise.
  • How long will my credit card be valid?
    Your credit card will be valid for 3 years.
  • Will there be any new or revised fees and interest charges?
    No, the fees and interest charges will remain the same until further notice.
  • Will there be a change to the features and benefits of my existing credit card?
    No, there will be no change, the features and benefits will remain the same.
  • When will I receive my Republic Bank credit card?
    • Effective June 1, 2020 all cardholders whose credit cards are lost, stolen or otherwise replaced will be issued a Republic Bank branded debit card.
    • Cardholders whose credit cards are due for renewal in July 2020 and onwards will receive Republic Bank branded credit cards upon renewal.
  • Will there be a change to the existing Reward Programmes?
    No, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of your existing Reward Programme which means Republic Bank / American Airlines AAdvantage cardholders will continue to earn miles for purchases at the existing rate and Republic Bank Gold credit card cardholders will continue to earn cash back for every purchase.
  • Will the miles or cash back accumulated prior to the change be affected?
    No, the rewards you accumulated prior to the change will not be affected.
  • Can I continue to call the Scotiabank Contact Centre for assistance?
    Yes, the phone numbers at the back of the card remain operational and can be contacted for assistance.
  • Will I be able to access my credit card account on Internet Banking?
    You can continue to access your account on the existing website until informed otherwise.